ďAs Nurse Navigator for the PancreasCare team, I help patients and their families through the process of scheduling and expediting appointments, tests and procedures that are part of their individual treatment plan. My goal is to be your personal advocate and to be your ongoing link to the PancreasCare team. Whether you need tests scheduled, prescriptions refilled or just a friendly chat on the phone, I am there for you."

Carrie Callahan is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and the Wayne State University School of Nursing with degrees in Health Administration and Nursing. Carrie has worked in direct patient care at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, since 1989, eventually becoming the first nurse clinician for the department of General Surgery. In 2007, Carrie became nurse navigator for the newly formed Multidisciplinary Liver/Pancreas Clinic at Beaumont. As nurse navigator, Carrie pioneered many of the practices used today to improve patient care and ease the experience of surgical patients. Carrie has the knowledge and expertise needed to help guide you to the resources you need and to give you the care you deserve.