There are a few things you should bring to your first appointment.

First of all, bring your “team”.  Any important family members you wish to bring are always welcome at any appointment. Pancreatic problems often involve complicated decision-making and major surgery, so it is usually helpful to bring important family members or friends for support.

Next, gather all your medical reports and/or test results that relate to this pancreas problem.  If your tests were performed outside of the Beaumont System, a CD or DVD with actual pictures of any CT scan or MRI would be helpful.  Carrie Callahan, RN, our nurse navigator, can assist you if you need help.  You can contact Carrie at our office telephone number, (248) 551-8180 or via email at

Please complete the new patient registration forms, prior to coming to the office. You may email them to us prior to your visit, or bring them with you to your first appointment.